Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another snippet on dickishness

Comment from m5 in reply to this blog entry on Dispatches from the Culture Wars:
I'm pretty sure THIS guy and his ilk are the ones Phil Plait was talking about in his Don't Be a Dick speech, and I wish certain people would stop insisting criticism of THIS sort of shit is the same as accommodationalism (sic).
Yes, I think so.  Aside from the arrogance and rudeness "THIS guy" displayed toward Ed Brayton, a good friend of mine who is the blogger behind Dispatches, intentionally using a quote out of context because it appears to support your position is a good example of intellectual dishonesty, and being intellectually honest is the best way possible to avoid being a dick.  Check out this post and thread for a discussion on what exactly intellectual honesty is, and how it differs from regular honesty.  To put it briefly, honesty is about telling the truth.  Intellectual honesty is about how you prioritize which truths to seek, know, and share with others.

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