Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some links for Sunday

  • Westboro Baptist's reply to Anonymous is predictably childish.  (That link goes to the PDF, but you can see a jpeg version here.)  Short version: "Bring it!"
  • Speaking of shutting down web sites, the Department of Homeland Security shuttered nearly 84,000 of them last weekend on suspicion of child porn.  People attempting to access those sites were greeted for up to six days with a banner noting the accusation but no further details.  Charges were ultimately brought against 10 of the sites.   Operators of many of the other sites are not pleased.     
  • Eight years after a Savage Love reader proposed "a frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex" as a definition for Rick Santorum's surname in response to his rabidly anti-homosexual views, the former Pennsylvania senator is finding that he now has a "Google problem."  
  • More things Bill O'Reilly can't explain.  
  • Going to be anywhere near Pasadena, CA at the end of June?  If so, go to the Science Symposium featuring Michael Shermer, Bill Nye, Brian Dalton (Mr. Deity) and James Randi.  I'll envy you from afar.
  • Susan over at Farmgirlfare has instituted a Daily Donkey feature, spreading joy and cuteness for those of us not lucky enough to have farms of our own.  A sample:

Dan and Daphne (she only looks dead) 1/9/08

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