Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An observation

The video of TamTamPamela thanking God for the Japanese earthquake was all over the web yesterday.  I'm kind of disappointed in how willing people were to buy it without question.  Not because it's a skepticism fail per se (I fall for Poes often-- that's the point of a Poe), but because they were so ready to believe that someone would be that hateful and already had their outrage pants on, good to go.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised, as tragedy tends to magnify everything.  It's probably unfair to think that there really are so many people out there who have no problem at all believing such a thing because their expectations of religious people are already that low, and it's actually just that everyone's nerves are on the surface.  I hope.

But we could do with a few less people pointing and saying "This is what religion does to you."

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