Monday, April 11, 2011

Historical tweets

Scott Johnson at Extralife imagines what might have happened if Twitter had always been around:

I love this idea. I also love the fact that they're all "tweeting" on whatever communication device might have been available at the time.

It made me immediately start to imagine tweets that could have been made by famous historical figures:
@Wilkesy: Lincoln’s totes going down tonight. 
@Wilkesy: Oops, my account is public, isn’t it? Omigod I hear knocking at the door. GTG
@marie_curie: Stupid professor gave me a drawer full of salt to analyze. Sigh, busy work. Not sure why it’s glowing, or why I feel so odd. LOL
@RFranklin: That bastard Watson GOT INTO MY DNA PHOTOS!!!111!! Wilkins is SO gonna pay. #younocanhasdoublehelix
@FCrick: RT @JWatson Hahahaha @RFranklin we’ll get the Nobel Prize and u won’t. #ownage

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