Saturday, April 9, 2011


The animated version of Tim Minchin's nine minute beat poem "Storm" is finally out!

I first heard of Minchin when he was a guest on the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe podcast a few years ago. He talked about this poem on the show, so I tracked it down on Youtube and immediately wanted to hear more of his stuff. Unfortunately very little of that was available on Youtube at the time, so I ordered both of his CDs from some British distributor and listened to them on repeat as we packed up my boyfriend's house in preparation to move to a new one (BF liked it almost as much as I did, so didn't mind this).

Now Minchin's snarky and vehemently irreverent music is all over the place. I would not recommend listening to it if profanity or blasphemy bother you in the slightest. I would especially not recommend watching this bawdy video collaboration made in protest of the pope. But if those things don't so much as make you raise an eyebrow, check his stuff out-- especially this one, which can make me cry in the right mood. I think the animation of the "Storm" video is well done, though I can't help being partial to the earlier version of it that Minchin recorded. The inflection just sounds better to me, though that could be because it's what I'm used to hearing. One of the comments on the Youtube channel reads "I don't get it.  Is he trying to rap?" Ah, kids.

ETA: An interview about the project with the film's creators and with Minchin can be found here.

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