Saturday, June 25, 2011

Favorite reactions to New York legalizing gay marriage

From Radley Balko: "New York legalizes gay marriage. In protest, Newt Gingrich promptly divorces his third wife."

From Popehat: "I felt a great disturbance in the derp, as if millions of derpers suddenly wharrgarbled at once in rage and were suddenly less relevant."
"Enjoying quiet evening with amazing wife. Annoyed at suggestion that NY vote could somehow weaken or diminish my marriage."

From Dave Holmes: "As we celebrate tonight, let's spare a warm thought for our opponents, who lost absolutely nothing."

From David Burge: "I think NY's married gay couples should be able to carry handguns legally."

Rich Juzviak of FourFour tweeted at one point "I CANNOT WAIT TO GET MARRIED TO MY TWO CATS!!!!!!!!!" which apparently earned him the ire of a lot of people on Twitter. A little later he said "Ugh, people are just outrageously humorless. That is sad. NOW IS THE TIME TO BE HAPPY AND STUPID. We've earned it."

I agree. You see, the common joke is that if we allow gay marriage people are going to want to marry their pets, and Rich is gay, and a comedy/pop culture writer, and.....oh, hell. People who are offended by that sort of thing probably shouldn't be following him anyway.

George Takei: "Same-sex marriage was passed in NY by a Republican-controlled Senate. Equality has no party, freedom no partisans. #GayRightsAreHumanRights"

Congratulations to you, New York. The cause of equality was just advanced in a big way, of more significance to more people than can be properly reckoned right now.

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  1. Slowly we crawl into the 21st Century. It's progress, though.


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