Friday, August 5, 2011


...on the April 18th beating of a trans woman at McDonald's in Maryland:

From dallasvoice:
Teona Brown, 19, has pled guilty Thursday, Aug. 4, to first degree assault charges and a hate crime charge in connection with the beating of transgender woman Chrissy Polis last April in Towson, Md.  
The attack was captured on video by a McDonald’s employee — who filmed the assault rather than step in and try to stop it — last April. The video went viral online and was used, along with new footage from a surveillance camera, in court hearings this week. CBS Baltimore has this report on the plea.  
Conviction on a first degree assault charge carries a maximum sentence of 25 years, and a hate crime conviction could add another 10 years. Because Brown pled guilty to the attack, prosecutors are recommending that the judge sentence her to five years in prison. A sentencing hearing has been set for next month.  
Polis was present in court on Thursday, but told reporters she was nervous about being there and had no comment. “I just want to lay low and keep my life as normal as possible,” she said. 
A second person charged in the attack was 14 at the time and has been charged with assault as a juvenile. Because she is a minor, her identity has not been released.


  1. Yeah that's the technological wonder of cell phones; if someone is getting hurt, they are readily available... to video the action - not, of course, to call 911.

  2. @Robert the Skeptic I agree that they should have called 911, and the way I understand it the video was caught as a 'fun activity' to humiliate the woman.

    Being transgendered myself, I am glad though that the video was caught, even if it was to be used as a humiliation tactic, because it helped justice be served and it served as a way to get the message out that transgenders are ridiculed and discriminated against even for something as simple as using the bathroom.


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