Saturday, March 3, 2012

"I'm sorry I did what I clearly meant to do and don't regret in the slightest"

Rush Limbaugh issued a double backflip notpology today for his slut/prostitute/sex tape remarks about Sandra  Fluke, saying first that he didn't mean to attack her personally ( do you say that someone is a slut who needs to learn how to have sex less on accident?), and then continuing to misrepresent the content of and reason for her testimony at the Democratic hearing, portraying it as "discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of Congress." Sorry Rush, but no. It did not amount to a verbal rendition of a Penthouse letter. In fact, it did not address Fluke's personal sex life at all. He then went on to say that it is not our business to know what is going on in anyone's bedroom, which a) is an odd statement for someone who just got done demanding sex tapes from someone, and b) a complaint better directed toward someone like Rick Santorum who is actually advocating that bedroom activities are the government's business. Not Fluke, and not Pelosi, and not anyone who wants birth control to be covered by insurance.

Rush Limbaugh is a troll, as Rachel Maddow points out in the video below. Not a mythical creature who lives under a bridge, but someone who gets his jollies--and in this case makes a living-- by being an asshole and pushing people's buttons. I hope people continue to push his advertisers to stop sponsoring a platform on which he can do so.

Obama calling Sandra Fluke to commend her and condemn what Limbaugh said was like the school principal calling you into his office to apologize for the behavior of the school bully. It's a good gesture, but really the other students need to sign on in order for it to have enough significance. Not lend any support to the bully, and certainly not give him a radio show.

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