Monday, March 19, 2012

Savage U

Long-time sex columnist, author, podcaster, advocate, and public educator Dan Savage now has a TV show. And it looks good.

I was a little concerned before watching the trailer that the show would be watered down, homogenized, and generally weaker than the typical frank, funny, pointed commentary we tend to get from Savage. And I'm still a little concerned, but not nearly as much. Savage has been doing Q&A presentations at universities and occasionally the odd appearance at stage venues in various parts of the country for years now, and it looks like the show is going to pretty much just show those appearances...along with some candid conversations with specific students about their particular concerns. But it's MTV, so there's still the potential for unexpected ruin. Nevertheless I'm keeping my hopes up and planning to watch. Hopefully a lot of non-collegiate teenagers will watch as well-- the kind of people Savage needs to speak to directly even more, but can't. And maybe, maybe, they will even watch with......their parents!

Yeah, probably not. But one can dream. The show premieres Tuesday, April 3.

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