Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some actual good relationship advice on the web

I know, it's hard to believe. But hear me out in appreciating Madame Noir for the article 8 Dynamics That Should Never Exist in a Relationship (formerly "8 Things Women Think Are Normal In A Relationship That Aren't," which was a wise change). Since it's a list, each item must have a title. And each title appears so obvious upon reading it that you might wonder why anyone would need a list to inform them that these particular dynamic sshouldn't exist in their relationships, but then it's not the titles that matter most-- it's the descriptions and examples. Most of us tend to think we have good relationship sense, especially after we've had a few or a dozen, but we can also forget that that a relationship doesn't have to be outright abusive in order to have problems that need to be addressed. The section on "royal mentality" reminded me of this. Yes, the whole thing is written for women...but men, I know you can overlook that and benefit from it anyway.