Saturday, April 14, 2012

More letter to the editor fun

All from the Wichita Eagle:

April 7th:

April 10th:

April 12th:


I'll be interested to see how long this goes on-- also whether any letters will be published from men unhappy about being portrayed as tricking women into using birth control so they can get the milk for free. "They" meaning the men, of course. Women don't like milk.

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  1. Gittrich's letter to the editor was neanderthal, to say the least. Did it ever occur to him that women (and men) might not find endless childbearing meaningful? That they might have goals and responsibilities incompatible with endless childbearing? That pregnancy after pregnancy isn't healthy for a woman's body? That sex is about joy and bonding, not merely reproduction? Live in the 21st century, buddy!


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