Saturday, April 14, 2012

Q: Who whines more than a feminist?

Ji Firepaw: Reformed cad
A: Why, whiners whining about feminists, of course!

1. A calm, well reasoned but pointed piece runs on WoW Insider criticizing the fact that a male NPC quest-giver in the Mists of Panderia beta greets male players by complimenting them on their strength, but female players with "You're some kind of gorgeous, aren't you?"

2. Blizzard alters the quest text so that the character simply tells male and female characters alike that they appear fit for battle.

3. Players throw a raging fit on the game's feedback forum declaiming the power of a few "PC" feminists to ruin everyone's fun with their hypersensitivity. The first post in the thread is marked as "highly rated," and the thread is currently at 45 pages and counting. All to bitch about a slight modification to make an NPC not sound like a lecher and strike a small blow against the male power fantasy/female sex fantasy dichotomy.

Yeah, I'm sure it ruined the game for you...this thing that you never would've missed if the dialogue had been different in the first place, and which doesn't bother you so it must not bother anyone. At least, not anyone who isn't a raging PC feminist, and we all know they don't count. Well, except to get a good whine on-- they're excellent for that.

The video WoW Insider included with their commentary isn't specifically related, but is awesome and deserves a watch:


  1. How would WoW even know the gender of the player? I thought all MMORPG's were like the song "Lola" by the Kinks "Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls, its a crazy mixed up muddled up shook up world."

  2. It should be obvious I was talking about the player's character.


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