Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You know...

...teaching about the various ways people believe in gods in public school is going to be a little difficult if they're not even allowed to mention the word for someone who doesn't.
Text at top: "Will not allow this because it could disrupt the
educational process at LPHS"
From Friendly Atheist:
the Secular Student Alliance group at La Porte High School in Texas wanted to put up flyers advertising their group. To make that happen, the school administration had to approve the design (a standard procedure at high schools).
When they submitted a design for approval, this is the message they got back from the principal
Could the principal have crossed out the definition of "atheist" more vehemently? On the post for this on LPHS's Facebook page, someone commented "if [sic] his pen were a knife, the poster would be a victim of a crime of passion."

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  1. "Will not allow this because it will disrupt the education process."

    Irony meter broken, melted down and sold for scrap.


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