Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Atheism Minus my term for the collective group of idiots who contributed to Jen McCreight deciding that blogging is no longer worth the harassment she has faced on a daily basis. I wish they would form their own organization already. As soon as they hold a conference, the organizers of all other secular conferences could examine the attendees and speakers lists, and know who to forbid from future meetings of their own.

And this news comes only a week after Jen gave a very interesting and hopeful interview with Ed Brayton on his show Culture Wars Radio (available here, and in podcast form on iTunes). Give it a listen-- the interview is in the latter half of the show, starting at 59:48.


  1. Atheism divided by? Multiplied by? Subtracted from?

  2. PS. What was done to Jen McCreight was wrong and awful. Sod the trolls. Jen as a great blogger with a lot of interesting and good things to say and did NOT deserve that kind of rubbish being thrown at her - no one does.


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