Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not a shocker

I've taken the ISideWith quiz before with similar results, but that time I basically zipped through it and this time I actually expanded all of the questions using the "see more" function on each one, and then decided from all possible answers. And this was the result:

Generally speaking, I vote. I don't consider it a moral obligation, but I do it. However I have never voted for someone who then went on to win, and most likely never will. If America had preferential voting that might not be the case, because-- you'd think-- people would be both more knowledgeable about a variety of candidates rather than just the dominant two, and less concerned about voting for someone other than one of those dominant two because they could always specify one of them as "backup," as their second choice, thereby eliminating concern about needing to vote for the lesser of two evils.

The test said that you could always enter your own answer instead, but that would decrease the accuracy of the overall assessment. So I only did that once-- on the death penalty question, I said that I would support the death penalty only by choice of the prisoner. And all prisoners should be able to make that choice.

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  1. It's Jill Stein for me, 99%. Not that she's on the ballot in my state. :(

    (Barack Obama is #2, at 86%). Rocky Anderson (who is THAT?) came in third at 81%. Environmental, science and social issues were the biggest issues driving my ratings, I think.

    I did not always find an answer that exactly mirrored what I would think, though.

    Also, good catch on allowing prisoners to choose the death penalty. I did not think of that, but seeing you write it I think it would be wise.

    Not a comprehensive issue inventory, either, but a fairly decent quiz --- certainly more options on each issue than most!


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