Sunday, November 18, 2012

Current reading and "reading"

One of the most enjoyable things about Skepticon was actually the drive there. I'm listening to the audiobook of Jeffrey Toobin's The Oath, just as I listened to his The Nine on a long drive a few years ago. His writing lends itself particularly well to being read out loud. The former book (about the Rehnquist Supreme Court) was read by Toobin himself while the latter (about the Roberts SCOTUS) is not, which turned out to be fine as Robertson Dean is an excellent narrator. I didn't quite reach the end by the time I returned home, but am almost there and I'll be sorry when it's finished. Definitely recommended.

After hearing about it on the Professor Blastoff podcast, I've pre-ordered and am looking forward to Jen Kirkman's I Can Barely Take Care of Myself. Oh, and I'm halfway through Tina Fey reading Bossypants and need to finish that.

And after missing this year's beginning of NaNoWriMo, I've resolved to read more fiction. Trouble is, it's difficult to decide what to go with because a novel is always such an emotional investment. Got some possibilities in mind, but have yet to settle on one.


  1. I have the app, Michael, but haven't really done much with it. Recommended?


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