Monday, May 6, 2013

The stupidest cartoon

When I saw this cartoon, my head about exploded:

I'll let Hemant Mehta explain what's so wrong with it:
The idea, of course, is that the media is celebrating Collins for telling the world he’s gay, while they were mostly annoyed by Tim Tebow for telling the world he’s Christian. 
If that sentence seems weird to you, that’s because the cartoon makes no sense. 
Collins did something no male in the NBA (or several other popular leagues) had done: He came out as gay while still playing professionally. 
Believe it or not, there’s no shortage of Christians in any sporting league. Need evidence? Just listen to someone on the winning team during a post-game interview. 
When Tebow told the world he was Christian — more Christian than other Christians, really, with his eye black messages and on-field prayers — it was annoying. It doesn’t take “courage” to proudly proclaim, “I’m in the majority!”
All I can do is create my own versions which attempt to be closer to reality. Like

Or even just


  1. Stantis usually demonstrates a remarkably thickheaded take on the news. I guess the Tribune keeps him for balance. Idiots want to see their views represented as much as anyone else, so Stantis is employed despite being one of the most dense political cartoonists in America.

  2. First of all, came over here from Popehat. They have an interesting set of blogs in their blogroll.

    Second, I think what this cartoon demonstrates, more than anything else, is one of the most annoying things about Christianity in the USA. (And this comment is by someone who considers himself a Christian) You see, at least when I was growing up, there was a lot of emphasis on how awesome the Christians in Russia or China were because they were Christian despite growing up somewhere where it could lead to imprisonment or death. Consciously or subconsciously I think most American Christians ended up internalizing an inferiority complex because of that. Therefore, in one of the most religiously free countries in the world, they see persecution everywhere - even where it does not exist.

    Let me take, for example, the whole prayer in school issue. We must fight to be allowed to pray in school they will often say. I always said a short prayer before a hard test or before a public speaking assignment and no one EVER stopped me or chastised me. Of course, I didn't try to lead the entire class in prayer because that's dumb. I just sat at my desk and closed my eyes and asked for help remembering what I'd studied. Really, no different from the atheist who was closing his or her eyes and telling themselves "remember what you studied".


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