Friday, March 21, 2014

How to be the creepiest nerd at the beach

Saw this in my email newsletter from Think Geek this morning, and...I had thoughts:

Main thought: This is creepy

The thing that creeped me out about it most is that it suggests that Princess Leia is wearing a bikini on purpose because she wants to lie on the beach and tan and look sexy or something.

I know that Star Wars fans who are all crazy about Slave Leia don't spend much time thinking about the whole slave part of that, but...that's kind of the point. That bikini is literally a shackle-- she's not wearing it on purpose. She's chained to a giant alien slug who presumably has her dressed like that because it gets a thrill out of it, and...let's not even get into whether she's a sex slave or not, and precisely what that means.

Okay, let's go ahead and get into it-- realistically, she's either a rape victim multiple times over or is about to become one.

That's what "slave Leia" is celebrating.

That's creepy.

And the degree of creepiness didn't sink in for me fully, for whatever reason, until I saw her on a beach towel.

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