Monday, March 10, 2014

Silverman clarifies

I was talking to a lot of press this week - I mean a LOT of press, and most of it hostile. When I was talking to Raw Story I gave them the same pitch I'd given so many times before: Conservatism is basically divided into two parts, fiscal conservatism, which is real conservatism, and Social conservatism, which is Christian theocracy masquerading as conservatism, with the latter holding down the former. Is [sic] the fiscals dropped the Christian social bullshit, I said, real conservatism would benefit from the influx of conservative atheists who avoid the movement due to the theocratic aspects.  
 I said that all of the social conservative agenda was religious in nature, to which the reporter eagerly countered that there was a secular argument for abortion. He clearly knew he was right, and so did I - there is a secular argument (one with which I firmly disagree) whose existence I cannot deny.  
Rather than take the road to discussing abortion, I acquiesced to his correct counterpoint, returned to my point, and said that school prayer, LGBT equality, and Death with dignity were better examples of purely Christian positions ("it’s maybe not as clean cut as school prayer, right to die, and gay marriage"), and we went on with the discussion on why American Atheists was there.  
There's my scandal. The rest of what you may have read is reckless "positing" by people who didn't do what you did - ask me. Thank you for being responsible.
Guilty of reckless positing, here. But in my defense, I did try to interpret correctly...

And I have my doubts about opposition to abortion being less of a "purely Christian position" than the others Silverman mentions, for reasons mentioned a couple of posts ago. But there are bigger hills to die on, and frankly I'm exhausted from climbing this one.

H/T to Shanon Nebo of Secular Sunshine.

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