Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tardigrade parade

Why yes, I am watching Cosmos...why do you ask?

Actually I think I first time learned about extremophiles, including tardigrades, was while watching the BBC's Blue Planet series...which I have on DVD, and have watched so many times. I'm looking forward to re-watching Cosmos too, because there are so many things to absorb that one viewing isn't nearly enough.

I figure the the tardigrade in this parade is on a scale of about 10,000 times its normal size. It just amused me to think of blowing one up that large and using it like a Chinese dragon in a festival. Tardigrades are incredibly resilient (that's an understatement), but they're not the most attractive creatures out there-- they look like a naked mole rat and a lamprey had a threesome with a trash bag which resulted in progeny. They are fascinating, though, because they seemingly can exist-- and even thrive-- anywhere. It's amazing that the tardigrade isn't any sports team's least, that I know of.  It's definitely worthy!

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